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Shiplift systems 


Shiplift systems      

Shiplift system is lifting a ship on the blocks and frames on a platform, lowered and lifted using winches. Depending on the size of ship, its weight, the platform and winches are designed. Shiplifts are easier to operate compared to other systems and they are controlled by a Control system with PLC. Small to huge ships can be taken in this type of shipyards.

The water front length and other facilities also vary. The ideal size will be to take ships of 200 metres length. The area of land required is 20.23 Hectares (50 Acres) with a water front of 100 metres. The land should be of roughly square in shape. Undredged draft of sea should be at least 6 metres. It can be dredged and increased to 13 metres. There will be transfer parks according to need.

Investment (calculated in January 2020) - USD 42 Million (excluding the cost of land).

 Time of completion 5 years.


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